Oxygen Boost Enhance your Life Power!

OXYZEL is a premium brand with the concept of “OXYGEN FOR LIVEWELL”. Oxygen is one of essential nutrient for life. Our bodies will literally starve without oxygen. Each of the body’s estimated 100 trillion cells requires oxygen for its metabolic processes. Oxygen is needed in food combustion to release ENERGY for heart, brain and cells. All body functions are regulated with oxygen. Oxygen is also one of the most effective anti-aging mechanismfor human body.

The more we saturate our cells with stabilized oxygen, the lower the rate of wear and tear on our bodies. Oxygen’s natural ability to catabolize or oxidize bacteria, fungi and viruses plays a very significant role in preventing degenerative diseases and sustaining the natural immortality factor of cell.

OXYZEL brings a unique ability to generate nascent oxygen and electrolytes at cellular level. Adequate oxygen is vital for cells to eliminate toxins, and to improve biological terrain, as well as raising ENERGY levels in body, improve blood and lymph detoxification, and thus bring a significant health benefits to our body.