MELILEA invites you to be part of the Brave New World of


Through products designed and developed to transform your health and beauty, delivering an improved quality life for yourself and your family.

Through an innovative system that will transform your success, improve your family’s economy, so that your children can grow up and be educated in the best environment.

MELILEA will transform your happiness through education and a nurturing environment, where you can cultivate the right values ​​in life, and know how to establish relationships full of harmony and love.

… Equal Opportunity

MELILEA has created a new business model that is equitable and complies with human justice, dignity, and values. We welcome anyone regardless of age, education background, social standing or marital status. Not only do we provide employment and business opportunities, our mission and purpose is to address issues arising from the disparities of wealth in society.

… Education

The spoon-feeding education system in the modern era cannot teach our children the proper soft skills needed for life, responsibility, communication, compassion and maturity.

This crisis does not only affect families but also communities at large and even countries.

MELILEA’s education program is not only confined to internal training, it will establish schools and a university in the future. The purpose is to breed more high-quality people who will contribute in deep and profound ways to family, community and society.

… Social Responsibility

Our founders have been involved in charity activities for many years, but realized that “instead of giving the fish, we can teach them how to fish”. We have created a new business model that is different from the traditional in the way to use a fund to develop the technology and market by combining the objectives of business and social charity into one.

This love-inspired business has transformed numerous lives and families, beyond the scope of the average philanthropist.

Today, the poor around the world are looking for work opportunities. They may need help, but they prefer to rely on their own strengths to realize their dreams. They want to live with dignity and self-esteem. MELILEA provides a real opportunity for all. We have but one world. For it to have a better future, it needs all of us to imagine and build it.

… Eco-mindedness

To MELILEA, the relationship of the humanity and nature on the earth is closely bound and interdependent on each other. An environmental crisis also is a crisis of human survival. The fundamental solution to these crises is organic living, as more people know about the concept of organic nutrition, the more they will care for the earth.

In the future, people choose organic foods and live with organic life is no longer for the personal health problems, but environment of the earth, because without good quality land, there will be no quality food nor a quality future.

If more and more people practise organic living, there will be an increasing number of organic farms, and if popularity of the organic agriculture grows, then much of the land, plants and animals will be protected. This is the cause MELILEA has been educating.

A single person may not be able to change the world, but with thousands of people working together, we can rewrite of human history, to address social problems and make a better world.

It all begins with human dignity and it is inclusive, for people of all economic status. It includes the idealistic youth of today, who want to leverage their business skills not only bring about profits but to effect change in the world.

MELILEA believes that every person has the ability to achieve their dreams, they just need some resources and help. MELILEA offers them a chance to cross over to this brave new world of possibilities.

Through its global brand strategy, MELILEA champions the concept of organic culture and of equality to the world. Combined with high-quality products and sophisticated technology, we believe we can direct human society towards the ideals of natural environment, harmony and happiness.